Invested 7,000 billion VND to build two container terminals at Lach Huyen international gateway port

It is proposed to build 2 container wharfs 3 and 4 with the length of 375 m / berth and receive 100,000 DWT ships of Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company.

of Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company has just been sent to the Ministry of Transport, the unit would like to deploy investment project to build two container terminals No. 3, 4 at the gateway International Hai Phong in the Dinh economic zone Vu Cat Hai District, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong.

This is the second time in a year that the project proposal has been submitted to competent authorities for approval.

In the latest proposal, Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company would like to announce that the project’s size consists of 2 container terminals with the length of 750 m (375 m / berth), receiving the ship size of 100,000 DWT; To build a barge wharf at the planning position on the downstream land area in service of domestic container consolidation, to receive ships and barges of between 100-160 TEUs and synchronous technical works to meet Cargo volume through 1 – 1.1 million TEUs / year.

The total investment of the project is VND 6,946 billion, of which Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company own capital is 45%; the rest is credit loans. If approved, the project will be implemented from quarter II / 2018 to quarter II / 2020.

In addition to meeting the demand for cargo transportation and fleet in the port area of ​​Hai Phong, the project also helps Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Maritime Corporation maintain its core role in the maritime sector. is sea transport, seaport, maritime service.

The project to build Lach Huyen international gateway port in the start-up phase aims to build 2 berths 1 and 2 for container ships, general ships of up to 50,000 DWT full load and 100,000 DWT for offloading. , is expected to be completed and put into operation from May 2018.

Decision No. 2367 / QD-BGTVT dated 29/7/2017 of the Ministry of Transport approves the details of the Northern Seaports to 2020 with orientation to 2030 of Lach Huyen wharf area in Hai Phong international seaport Prioritize resources to complete the investment in order to accommodate ships of up to 100,000 tons (container ships of up to 8,000 TEUs), creating an exit door for Vietnamese export and import cargo. In the long term, it will attract a part of international transshipment cargoes; By 2020, there will be 9 berths / 3,000 m long (both wharves and containers).

In the proposal for this project in July 2014, the Ministry of Transport announced that it is currently submitting to the Government for issuance of a decree on the management and operation of seaports, The northern international gateway port includes Lach Huyen harbor, Hai Phong city and Yen Hung harbor, Quang Ninh. Therefore, the policy on investment in the construction of wharf No.3 and No.4 in Lach Huyen wharf area may be considered and approved if the investor fully complies with the Government’s stipulations in the Decree. Seaport Management and Exploitation (port land use right, investment mechanism, port lease, management and operation) after being promulgated as an investment and exploitation enterprise. the management of the Port Management and Operation Commission as other investors. The written commitment to be approved by law of the Board of Directors of HaiPhong Port Joint Stock Company and Member Board of Vietnam National Shipping Lines.

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