Quang Ninh attracts investment into industrial parks and economic zones

Developing infrastructure, promoting administrative reform and promoting investment promotion, Quang Ninh is concentrating resources to attract investment in industrial zones and economic zones. be positive changes.

Destination of investors

In the first six months of this year, total investment capital in Quang Ninh IZ was VND2,867 billion ($ 47 million, equivalent to VND1,179 billion of FDI projects and VND1,688 billion of projects in the country). accounting for 19.1% of the plan to attract the whole year (15,000 billion), equal to 60% over the same period. FDI attraction increased 6.22% over the same period.

In the second half of this year, the province has attracted 5-7 new projects and raised capital for 4-6 projects with total investment capital of 12 trillion dong. Of which, 4-6 FDI projects (about US $ 250-270 million); Adjusted capital increase for 2-3 projects (about US $ 25-30 million), ensuring completion of the whole year plan (15 trillion dong, of which FDI reached 300-350 million dollars).

Up to now, there are 240 non-state budget projects in Quang Ninh EZ including 10 industrial zones (3 FDI projects, 7 domestic ones), 230 projects (55 FDI ​​projects, 175 domestic projects) with total registered capital of USD 2.329 billion of FDI projects and VND 51,077 billion of domestic projects.

Many efforts to attract investors

In order to have a breakthrough in attracting investment into IPs, EZs, Quang Ninh have deployed many solutions to accompany enterprises, improve the investment environment and business.

In order to create a favorable investment environment, Quang Ninh is the first locality in the country to set up the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Committee. The province promotes investment promotion through the organization of national and international conferences and seminars; Identify key areas, strategic investors and motive projects to focus on attracting investment and specific mechanisms, policies, directions and management for each project. Other communications channels have been established, such as entrepreneurship programs, online dialogues, setting up support desks, setting up Fanpage DDCI KKT on Facebook. , local business meetings by topic …

These solutions have supported hundreds of enterprises in implementing administrative procedures, answering questions and solving difficulties of enterprises in the process of implementing projects in IZs, EZ.

In order to attract investment, Quang Ninh focuses on building institutions and administrative reforms, e-government projects, setting up a model of public administration center with positive results, step by step improving the supply quality. public service level. The provincial EZ Management has simplified from 98 procedures to 45 procedures; of which 38 administrative procedures have been reduced by more than 50% of the time, 2 procedures have been reduced by 33.3%.

The EZ Management Board has also developed a set of documents on IPs and EZs in five languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to support domestic and foreign investment. Completing the video promoting investment in IPs, EZs and building a special documentary film about Van Don District.

The infrastructure, especially the transport infrastructure is also Quang Ninh drastic implementation. The synchronous connection from provincial roads, highways, expressways, seaports, airports has been attracting domestic and foreign investors to Quang Ninh. It is expected that by 2020, the expressway linking Hanoi and Hai Phong with Ha Long and Mong Cai will be completed. The province is also active in implementing projects in the form of public-private partnerships to effectively implement key projects and reduce budget investment.

Quang Ninh aims to become a service-industrial economy and an international tourist center by 2020, one of the economic growth poles of the North. The province is gradually becoming one of the localities with favorable business and investment environment for enterprises and investors. At the same time, affirmed the position of one of the local economic quality excellence in the country and is the destination selected by investors.

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